Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a sorority?

Sorority membership, which begins as a part of college life, provides a lifetime of learning and involvement. Sororities are sisterhood organizations with chapters at accredited colleges and universities. As extended family units, sororities offer warm, caring atmospheres which encourage individual development. Sororities promote sound scholarship, leadership ability, community outreach and life-long friendships. Sorority life will help you make the most of your college experience as you join together with women who share your interests and ideals.


Q: What is "rush"?

Rush is a brief period of time where potentially interested ladies can attend the social and informational events hosted by Lambda Delta Psi. During this time period, girls are able to meet with the currently active members of Lambda Delta Psi and learn more about the sororal life.

Q: I heard "rush" was expensive, is this true?

Absolutely not. All events during rush are completely free.

Q: These events sound interesting, but I don't have a way of getting there.

Just let one of the ladies of Lambda Delta Psi know! We provide rides to and back from all our rush events.

Q: What are the benefits of choosing Lambda Delta Psi?

By choosing Lambda Delta Psi, you will find a sisterhood unparalleled by any other found at Texas A&M: a family away from home. Besides building a strong network, Lambda Delta Psi will provide the organizational, social, and leadership skills necessary to succeed in society.

Q: I'm not Asian. Can I still rush and join Lambda Delta Psi?

Of course! Lambda Delta Psi does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, religion, age, or sexual orientation. We encourage diversity within our organization; realizing each sister's unique background and experience adds to the quality of the sorority.

Q: I am interested in joining Lambda Delta Psi. How would I go about that?

That's wonderful! First, you will need to obtain a bid from the sorority. To qualify for a bid, you would simply need to attend a minimum of two of our rush events and complete an interview process.

Q: What is a bid?

A bid is an invitation from the sorority to join Lambda Delta Psi. Bids are given to young ladies that are believed to best demonstrate and exemplify the characteristics all the Ladies of Lambda Delta Psi should aspire to, such as grace, temperance, and elegance.

Q: Will joining Lambda Delta Psi affect my grades?

Lambda Delta Psi prides itself on academic excellence and understands the importance of a solid education. It all depends on how you decide to manage your time. We have had sisters maintain 4.0's throughout their entire process, and if they can do it, so can you! We continually encourage all the Ladies of Lambda Delta Psi to become successful in the endeavors they pursue, may it be in their personal or academic life.