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rush spring 24 ❀

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Fill out our rush interest form! Learn more about us and get to know the sisters through our rush GroupMe!


You're probably wondering ... what exactly is rush?

Rush is a brief period of time, usually one to two weeks, where ALL potentially interested ladies can attend the social and informational events hosted by Lambda Delta Psi. It is held every Fall and Spring semester. During this time period, girls are able to meet with the currently active sisters of Lambda Delta Psi and learn more about our sorority.

Why Rush Lambda Delta Psi? 

Lambda Delta Psi is more than just a sorority: by choosing Lambda Delta Psi, you will find a sisterhood unparalleled by any other found at Texas A&M- a family away from home. Besides making unforgettable memories, gaining lifetime sisters, and building a strong network, Lambda Delta Psi will provide organizational, social, and leadership skills necessary to succeed in society.  

Not to mention... RUSH EVENTS ARE ABSOLUTELY FREE! Food, drinks, and transportation will be provided. Come get to know and learn more about us, as we are looking forward to meeting all of you as well! We welcome and encourage women of all levels of classification and ethnicity with an interest in Asian-American awareness to rush. There is absolutely no obligation.

In order for us to extend you a bid, you must attend two events & have an interview.

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